Pioneers in North America since 2004
Fate brought us to Port-au-Persil during a stay in Quebec; and there, we fell in love with it ... we bought a farm in this peaceful hamlet of Charlevoix.

We then looked for a way to revive this ancestral property located in the heart of a magnificent landscape characterized by a panoramic and plunging view of the St. Lawrence River.

The idea started to germinate when Serge was conquered by donkey Marius while working in a Pony Club in the South of France. One thing led to another, we deepened our knowledge and, quite naturally, the donkey became a passion and a project. By visiting the Paris Agricultural Show on several occasions, we noticed the extent of the constant development of the donkey world and the craze for Donkey Milk products.

Since 2004, our farm has been dedicated to donkey breeding and we are pioneers in Quebec in the production of donkey milk, first and foremost intended for the manufacture of artisanal soaps.

In 2007, La ferme de l'Âne du Saint-Laurent developed the Shamâne cosmetic brand composed of high-end donkey milk products.

Thanks to our 14 years of experience, we now offer exceptional products enriched with raw donkey milk to preserve all its vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, E), trace elements and nutrients. 

Be a privileged person by coming to share our passion for these endearing animals that have illustrated our children's books ...

And come discover new products to take care of your skin.